boobosh® mixtape coming soon(ish).

Stereophonic discs currently circulating at boobosh® HQ | Compiled to magnetic tape sound recording format | In some sort of particular order |Played at various times of the day | Subject to change on a whim at the DJ’s discretion:

‘Chloroform’ – Nothing
‘Dry’ – Whirr
‘Where Flies Sleep’ – Spectres
‘Feeling OK’ – Best Coast
‘Dead Flag Blues’ – Godspeed You Black Emperor!
‘Sea Of Sound’ – Pale Saints
‘Miyako Hideaway’ – Marion
‘The Swan’ – Cheatahs
‘Scattered Black & Whites’ – Elbow
‘All Ones And Zeros’ – The Early Years
‘Cedar Room’ – Doves
‘OX4’ – Ride
‘Wake Me When Its Over’ – Longview
‘Car Wash Hair’ – Mercury Rev
‘This Is Music’ – Verve
‘Hypernight’ – Title Fight
‘So Long You Pretty Thing’ – Spiritualised
Away/Towards’ – Hookworms
‘Stuck’ – Grouper
‘Trees’ – Föllakzoid
‘Alice’ – Sunn O)))
‘UFO’ – Absolutely Free
‘They Called You Near’ – Six Organs Of Admittance
‘Above A Desert I’ve Never Seen’ – Six Organs Of Admittance
‘Atomic Mother’ – Radar Men From The Moon
‘Monoliths’ – Maserati
‘Monday’ – Papir
‘Spirits’ – Plankton Wat
‘Mantis’ – Psychic Ills
‘Det Som Forandras/Diarabi’ – Goat
‘Mladic’ – Godspeed You! Black Emperor
‘Stone Coloured’ – Rhyton
‘Down By The Fall Line’ – Arbouretum
‘Arms Like Boulders’ – The War on Drugs
‘Your Love Is Calling My Name – The War On Drugs
‘E-Go’ – Camera
‘WUJ’ – Cave
‘High, I Am’ – Cave
‘Love Me, Please Love Me’ – Michel Polnareff
‘Replica’ – Oneohtrix Point Never
‘Ancestral Star’ – Barn Owl
‘See The World Given To A One Love Entity’ – Guardian Alien
‘Death 1’ – Hills
‘Father Midnight’ – Earth
‘Galatic Derelict’ – Eternal Tapestry
‘Emerald Forest Of Peace’ – Eternal Tapestry
‘Dead Mantra’ – Dead Skeletons
‘Helicopters’ – Sand
‘Midnight Rambler’ – The Rolling Stones
‘Moving Further Away’ – The Horrors
‘Cannon Missfire’ – Diagonal
‘Night Gallery II’ – Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw
‘Psych Ashtray Aktion Mother’ – The Cosmic Dead
‘Sonic Prayer’ – Earthless
‘First Breath After Coma’ – Explosions In The Sky
‘Replicate’ – Disappears
‘Cloak & Dagger’ – On The Might Of Princes
‘They Have Teeth’ – On The Might Of Princes
‘In Illusions Of Order’ – Red Sparowes
‘The Sixth Extinction Crept Up Slowly, Like Sunlight Through the Shutters, as We Looked Back in Regret…’ – Red Sparowes
‘Why I Fight Dragons’ – Mountains For Clouds
‘We Are Not Who We Are’ – Deer Leap
‘Keep What You Have Built Up Here’ – Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
‘Walls’ – Gates
‘A Vague Ambition’ – Gates
‘I Saw Her Face’ – The Men
‘Eyjafjallajokull Dance’ – The World Is A Beautiful Place And I am No Longer Afraid To Die
‘Thousand Grains Of Sand’ – Prawn
‘The Dexterity of Luck’ – June Of ’44
‘Preteen Weaponary Part 1 & 2’ – Oneida
‘Whiskey River’ – Comets On Fire
‘Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt’ – The Mars Volta
‘Televators’ – The Mars Volta
‘MagMar’ – Zechs Marquise
‘Rapid Fire Tollbooth’ – Omar Rodriguez Lopez
‘Red Hands’ – The Dear Hunter
‘My Father My King’ – Mogwai
‘The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose’ – Circa Survive
‘With One’s Heart In One’s Mouth’ – Moving Mountains
‘The Cascade’ – Moving Mountains
‘The Ocean And The Sun’ – The Sound Of Animals Fighting
‘Act 1: Chasing Suns’ – The Sound Of Animals Fighting
‘Gadget Arms’ – These Arms Are Snakes
‘Torches Together’ – mewithoutYou
‘January 1979′ – mewithoutYou
‘The Tension And The Terror’ – Straylight Run
‘If I Could’ – Mineral
‘Back and to the Left’ – Texas is the Reason
‘Table For Glasses’ – Jimmy Eat World
‘I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel’ – The Get Up Kids
‘The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows’ – Brand New
‘The Day No One Needed To Know’ – Moneen
‘Freakish’ – Saves The Day
‘I am The Party’ Million Dead
‘I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder’ – Million Dead
‘Red Cars Go Faster’ – Spy Versus Spy
‘Planning A Prison Break’ – The Receiving End Of Sirens
‘New Eyes Open’ – The Draft
‘Used For Glue’ – Rival Schools
‘Gloria’ – Canterbury
‘Saturday’ – Christie Front Drive
‘Antique’ – Texas Is The Reason
‘Five, Eight And Ten’ – Mineral
‘Red Elephant’ – Sunny Day Real Estate
‘Drive On To Me’ – Elliott
‘Marigold & Patchwork’ – The Appleseed Cast
‘Looking Good In Orange’ – The Casket Lottery
‘Blindspot’ – Brandston
‘Box Elder’ – Pavement
‘Summer Babe [Winter Version] – Pavement
‘Not Too Soon’ – The Throwing Muses
‘Feed The Tree’ – Belly
‘Crazy Town’ – Velocity Girl
‘Coney Island Cyclone’ – Mercury Rev
‘In ‘N’ Out Of Grace’ – Mudhoney
‘Eric’s Trip’ – Sonic Youth
‘Daydream Nation’ – Sonic Youth
‘Vibracobra’ – Polvo
‘Good Morning, Captain’ – Slint
‘New Year’s’ – Codeine
‘Mistakes And Regrets’ – And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
‘Another Morning Stoner’ – And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
‘Exit Only’ – Fugazi
‘Arpeggiator’ – Fugazi
‘Sinews’ – Drive Like Jehu
‘Queen Of Hearts’ – Fucked Up
‘Counting 5-4-3-2-1′ – Thursday
‘As He Climbed The Dark Mountain’ – Thursday
‘Understanding In A Car Crash’ – Thursday
‘Arcarsenal’ – At The Drive-In
‘Chapter 1: Introverting Dimensions’ – The Fall Of Troy
‘Gesture’ – Farside
‘Ostrichsized’ – Lifetime
‘Star Slight’ – At the Drive In
‘And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman’ – Dance Gavin Dance
‘New Noise’ – Refused
‘High Gold’ – Liturgy
‘Change (In The House Of Flies)’ – Deftones
‘Sonic Prayer’ – Earthless
‘Walking With Jesus’ – Spacemen 3
‘I Love You’ Spacemen 3
‘Undo The Taboo’ – Spectrum
‘How You Satisfy Me’ – Spectrum
‘Cheapster’ – Spiritualized
‘I Think I’m In Love’ – Spiritualized
‘Here Comes A Soul Saver’ – The Charlatans
‘Atlas’ – Battles
‘Tonto’ – Battles
‘Ice Cream’ – Battles
‘Sundome’ – Battles
‘Sweet And Tender Hooligan’ – The Smiths
‘Stir It Up’ – Bob Marley
’54-46 Was My Number’ – Toots & The Maytals
‘The Snake’ – Al Wilson
‘Just A Second (Starts Like This)’ – Faust
‘Hallogallo’ – NEU!
‘Für Immer’ – NEU!
‘Sister Ray’ – The Velvet Underground
‘Oh Yeah’ – Can
‘All Ones & Zeroes’ – The Early Years
‘The Mello Hippo Disco Show’ – Amorphous Androgynous
‘Sound Of Confusion’ – The Brian Jonestown Massacre’
‘Loose Lips’ – Wooden Shjips
‘Puppet On A String’ – Night Beats
‘Young Men Dead’ – The Black Angels
‘Call To Arms’ – The Black Angels
‘You On The Run’ – The Black Angels
‘Black Angel Exit/Shine’ – The Black Angels
‘Don’t You Forget It’ – Allah-Las
‘Hi-Skies’ – The Morning After Girls
‘[I Gotta] Feel’ – The Lovetones
‘Paradise’ – White Hills
“Let The Right One In’ – White Hills
‘DDB’ – The Psychic Paramount
‘RW’ – The Psychic Paramount
‘FFunny FFrends’ – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
‘Daisy’ – Fang Island
‘A Minor Place’ – Bonnie Prince Billy
‘I See A Darkness- – Bonnie Prince Billy
‘Natural Rhapsody’ – Jonathan Wilson
‘Lowdown’ – My Morning Jacket
‘Tomorrow Tomorrow’ – Elliott Smith
‘Expo ’86’ – Death Cab For Cutie
‘Styrofoam Plates’ – Death Cab For Cutie
‘Song For Kelly Huckaby’ – Death Cab For Cutie
‘The Death Of Me’ – City & Colour

Compiled by G J Turnbull 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015