Satta x Stevie Gee | Be Love Now | Hand-painted skate decks…









These hand-painted skate decks are inspired by surfing’s transition to the streets have been lovingly produced for London’s Pick Me Up graphic arts festival | Brixton is fast becoming the epicentre of creativity in the capital and an influx of artisan craftwork is being drawn to the neighbourhood | Leading the charge is Joe Lauder of Satta | A wood-worker and artist, Joe specialises in handmade decks that bring to mind the early days of Dogtown, Alva and old school sidewalk surfing | In anticipation of ‘Pick Me Up’, the UK’s contemporary graphic arts festival, Satta have collaborated with fellow London artist, Stevie Gee | Gee is an illustrator who’s worked with the likes of Vans, Deus Ex Machina and Beams Japan | Together they’ve created the ‘Be Love Now’ project and along with the London gallery Beach they’ve to brought their artwork into the gallery | The series of four one-off decks were produced in Lauder’s Brixton studio and hand-painted by Gee | While they’re functional for skateboarding, to boobosh these decks are much more at home on gallery walls | Far too good to skate! | Be Love Now is on from 23rd April 2014 to 5th May at Somerset House |



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