Tod Seelie | Prohibition-Inspired Photography

TodSeelieCuttySark2-thumb-620x413-78387 TodSeelieCuttySark4-thumb-620x413-78389 TodSeelieCuttySark3-thumb-620x413-78391 TodSeelieCuttySark5-thumb-620x413-78395 TodSeelieCuttySarkLead-thumb-620x413-78383 TodSeelieCuttySark1-thumb-620x413-78385

boobosh is loving the lensman’s magnificently spooky images that look at the underbelly of 1920’s New York | Seelie has partnered with the new Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition to create this series of 10 fine structural images that aim to invoke the spirit of the era | To honor their historic past—rooted as a bootleggers spirit, smuggled into America by Captain William McCoy (aka ‘The Real McCoy’) during the 1920’s, Cutty Sark has launched a blended scotch whisky too | The small-batch offering even comes in a black glass bottle with a cork seal (shown below), further referencing the traditions of the time | Seelie’s work on the other-hand reflects those shared values of mystery and enchantment | Each of his photos creates a private view into something historic, that’s been touched with modernity | They exist outside of time and celebrate exploration | |



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