LittleBits | KORG Synth Kit





Ever fancied building your own analog synthesizer? | Using simple, Lego-like electronic pieces that snap together magnetically? | Well now you can | New York’s LittleBits have been making big waves in the design industry since their electronic modules-maker took over the MoMA Design Store | And now they’re looking to make it synth building more accessible to those who aren’t fluent in the language of wires, circuitry and programming | In collab with KORG, one of the world’s (if not the) top synthesizer innovators, they’re manufacturing a DIY Synth Kit “for ages 14 to ∞” | So now you can build your own analog synthesizer | To find out more or pre-order the Synth Kit, head over to | Only limited quantities are available and the kits will ship out 6th December 2014 | You can even drop a few suggestions for new modules in their dreamBits forum.

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