Introducing | Salemtown Board Co.






Last November, all that Tennessee-native Jacob Henley had was a car full of petrol, some reclaimed wood and a big idea | He wanted to mentor inner-city Nashville teenagers, teaching them how to build one-of-a-kind skateboards | Now, six months later, Salemtown Board Co. is born | Named after the low-income neighborhood where the company is based, he’s already sold nearly 100 hand-painted, solid-oak skateboards | All boards are cut, shaped, finished, and painted 100% by hand | Henley’s top priority for the company is to inspire change in a neighborhood with one of the country’s highest infant mortality rates | 70% of the kids in lower-income homes are without fathers | Where the public school has some of the lowest testing scores in the USA | Check out the Salemtown Board Co. online shop for truly beautiful longboards, cruisers, T-shirts and more |


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