Animal Kingdom | Charley Harper

Charley Harper's Animal Kingdom




Artist Charley Harper’s fascination with the natural world kicked off with a childhood spent on a West Virginia farm | During his career, Harper illustrated natural subjects for The Golden Book of Biology, Ford Times, the National Park Service and the Cincinnati Zoo | Ammo Books – who previously released a comprehensive large-format dedication entitled ‘Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life’ – have recently followed up with an equally impressive new volume, ‘Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom’ | The result is a massive survey of Harper’s animal illustrations | The book was edited by designer Todd Oldham, an avid fan of Harper’s work, and who describes with nostalgia memorising The Golden Book of Biology as a child | Oldham also acted as editor on the monograph ‘An Illustrated Life’, which made its way to print just before Harper’s death in 2007 | Harper’s work for Ford Times garnered him a bit of a cult following, not to mention revenue, as readers could order silkscreen prints of his images for $5 | Charley Harper’s Animal Kingdom is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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