Rakafuki Friends | LED Bulbs

Dressed as an adorable little pig, kangaroo or chicken, these highly efficient LED bulbs are designed to last 30 years and excite kids about sustainable lighting | The Rakafuki Friends project is an experiment in using fun design to help kids (and adults) engage with the abstract concept of energy efficiency | And here, each “friend” is a super-efficient LED light bulb, dressed up as a pig, chicken, or kangaroo | They’re cool and collectible | The package contains one 8 watt Pharox 400 dimmable LED light bulb | Use it to replace an old incandescent or CFL bulb | You can also give your old bulb an afterlife – just place it in the cute, collectible animal package and display | They hope that kids get excited and learn the benefits of energy efficiency | They also hope they persuade their families and neighbors to give it a try too | Families will start saving energy and money | The Rakafuki Friends promote energy efficiency by emphasizing joy and imagination rather than fear | Kids don’t need to fret about global warming, they just need to play with a paper pig | http://shop.rakafuki.com/


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