Knock Knock | How to Traumatize Your Children

Parents of the world rejoice | This is the perfect book to add to your parenting collection, alongside such respected titles as The Child Whisperer, What to Expect When Your Expecting and The Baby Names Almanac | This bestselling instructional nook teaches you how to give your children the lifelong gifts of mental and emotional damage | There are a million and one books out there telling us how to be a good parent, surely it’s about time you find out how to be a bad one too | Whether you employ the same ruinous techniques your parents used or try out an entirely new approach, you’re bound to succeed | Learn the latest buzzwords and trends in traumatic parenting | Choose a personal trauma style from controlling to indulgent, and many more | Paperback | 4.5 x 6.5 inches | 144 pages | Revamped with all-new totally dysfunctional illustrations | Available at


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