Wary Meyers | The Gonks

Wary Meyers has created a ragtag bunch of creatures made to hang out in your child’s room | These simple balls of fluff are decorated with random bits and bobs from around the house originated during World War I when the the flow of Teddy Bears from Germany was halted and ingenious mothers had to keep their children’s spirits up with home-made creatures | However, even after the war ended, Gonks continued to grow in popularity through the 60’s & 70’s as a charmingly simple and groovy little creature | Today, the Wary Meyers Gonks are primarily made using felt, patent leather, metallic leather, vinyl, and pom-poms | Each has its own name and personality | boobosh’ fave would probably have to be Bjorn (shown top) | He’s the Gonk’s resident tennis pro and sports a Viking beard, dandy mustache and a felt headband | Gonk’s are approximately 11″ tall x 5.5″ wide with a weighted base and suede bottom | Each Gonk is handmade- all the parts are designed, cut, sewn, and glued by Linda and John over at their studio in Maine | Pick one up over at warymeyers.bigcartel.com

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