Fumie Shibata | Buchi Toy Car

Fumie Shibabta, the designer behind Fe Furniture and the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel has created Buchi, a high quality wooden children’s toy and furniture company | The stand out piece from the Buchi collection for boobosh has to be this new toy Car | Made from soft and fine textured maple, its hollow, oval shape allows kids to easily grasp the toy but also allows your kids to place a doll or other toys inside the vehicle | The best part about the Car is it’s ability to connect to another and become a train | Hook up a Buchi Car as a one-vehicle or a three-vehicle set | Fumie Shibata is a Product Designer based in Tokyo | Focusing on Product Design, she has expanded her design activities in Industrial Design from daily goods to electronics and healthcare products | Her works have received tremendous acclaim in various Design Awards worldwide including, Gold Prize of if Award, red dot Design Award in Germany and Gold Prize of Good Design Award, MAINICHI Design Award awarded in Japan | Buchi is available now over at buchi.co.jp


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