Nanny Pickle | Beautiful Australian Designed Nursery Decor & Clothing

Welcome to the delightful world of Nanny Pickle where they design divine clothes for babies and infants from a bespoke blend of bamboo and organic cotton | Once upon a time, not so very long ago lived a a sweet, savvy and slightly quirky nanny called “Nanny Pickle” | Rumours abound that her lineage is of the blue blooded kind | History, however, tells us that, after working in a typing pool and seeing the effects that a balding, slightly damp and lecherous office manager can have on an easily flattered colleague, Nanny Pickle vowed to rescue and nurture all wee one’s that crossed her path after said colleague found herself in the motherly way | Hence, when Bad Bunny arrived on her door step one beautiful morning, Nanny Pickle, as she always did, vowed to kiss away his boo-boos, clean up any whoopsies, and generally keep him out of harm’s way | And so begins the story of Bad Bunny and Nanny Pickle… | And so it came to be that Nanny Pickle found herself in need of some assistance in the nurturing of Bad Bunny | Enter Au Pair Shannon, some say she may well share the same bloodlines as Nanny herself | Strict, an eye for design perfection and so very tidy, Au Pair Shannon finds it hard to tolerate Mud Pie Monday or Finger Painting Friday in The Nursery | All this aside, she designs like no other | Secondly, as she is nowhere near as prompt as her Nursery counterpart, Au Pair Jennine | With the inner heart of a ratbag, she finds all of Bad Bunny’s foibles and whoopsies adorable….and down right funny | She denies keeping him in a constant supply of glue sticks | Follow the Au Pairs as they laugh their way through the adorable adventures of Nanny Pickle and Bad Bunny | Nanny Pickle is a woman of morals, a woman who believes in doing the right thing, a protector of those who need protecting | With this in mind, she is committed to utilising materials that are sustainable and have the smallest impact possible on the environment | The raw materials that make up the fabrics are organic and grown free of pesticides and fertilisers | The bamboo is both 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative | Her vision is one of integrity, dignity, respect and humility | And all the while, having a bit of a giggle |


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