Molly-Meg | Les Gambettes Children’s Desk & Little Suzie Chair

Now that your kids are getting back into the groove of things at school, it might be time to look into picking out an appropriate desk and chair for your home | You might be considering something extravagant with shelves, drawers and all sorts of bits, but take note, desks that are disorganized can lead to a cluttered mind; unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand | Here is what boobosh suggest. Pick up one of the simple, 1950’s-inspired Gambettes desk and chair from the fab Molly-Meg | It is lovely, stylish, simple and guaranteed to be 100% clutter free | Made from formica, beech plywood with a steel base and available in a beautiful choice of retro colours | Dimensions of the desk are W 55 x D 40 x H 54 cm | Suitable from 3 years old, respects FSC norms and made in Europe |


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