Orbea | Grow Bicycles for Kids

Spanish bicycle designers, Orbea, have created a range of lightweight kids bikes that will grow along with your children | Unlike most bikes, the Grow bikes need only be replaced every five to seven years compared to the two to three years for a conventional bike | This fact is due to easily adjustable extendable crossbars, stems, and seat posts, which are available on all 3 models in their collection | The Grow 0 is a pedal free balance bike that promotes balance skills and stability; much needed assets for future bike riding | The Grow 1 introduces the first set of pedals, brakes and stabilisers to your children riding experience | With time, this bike will surely help to create lasting feelings of independence in your ever growing children | And finally you have the Grow 2, which is available with a 20 inch frames, takes the biking experience to the next level by introducing gears | At this point, your kids are definitely keeping up to you when on weekend bike rides | Plus, if the gears are too much, the 20 inch frame is also available as a single speed | To learn more about the ingenious range of bikes, please pop over to orbea.com.


2 thoughts on “Orbea | Grow Bicycles for Kids

  1. Ok, so I have to ask: Do you know of a way to actually buy one in the USA? I am having a hard time finding a way to buy it! 😦

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