Loaf | Magazine for Kids | Peoplefund.it

The idea for Loaf Magazine was thought of one rainy day in May when two narrative illustrators got together to talk about how many wonderful unpublished artists and creative, curious children there are in the world who haven’t yet had the pleasure of collaborating with each other | “How better to make this happen than to start a comic and run workshops for our readers?” said one. ” And I really love bread” said the other, absent-minded one | “OK, we’ll call it LOAF and It can be for 9-12 year-olds because that’s the perfect age-group” | The rest as they say is history | First and foremost, Loaf Magazine aims to independently showcase some beautiful narrative work by the illustrators and graphic artists they admire, some of them at the start of their careers and others already well-established | Loaf believe that by producing an independent publication, these artists can show their truest colours and tell stories that will tickle, entrance and intrigue older children without talking down to them | They chose the 9-12 age-group as we would like to make a UK publication for older children who enjoy visual storytelling formats but have begun to be interested in the world around them in a more layered and mature way than comics for younger children are able to satisfy | As artists and as individuals experienced in the field of children’s arts facilitation and education they’re impassioned about the power of creativity and stories for the development of the child | Of paramount importance to the project will be the three children’s workshops they intend to run in Cambridge and Bristol before the first edition of the magazine comes out | Not only will these workshops promote the magazine to their young readership and provide them with a creative outlet amongst their peers; it will also allow them to directly communicate with their target age-group in order to find out what sorts of characters, stories and activities should feature in future editions of the magazine | They plan to also feature some of the artwork made by the children in the first edition of Loaf Magazine | If this project can be funded and carried out, the people at Loaf hope that the sales from the first edition will provide a springboard to the continuation of the project | They are aiming to build up a bank of artists who have the regular opportunity to creatively contribute to the magazine and they also intend that the children’s art work and storytelling inspired by regular workshops will continue to appear in future editions of Loaf Loaf need to raise £2000 to fund the printing, promotion and the running of workshops – if you can help with this, you’ll have their infinite gratitude, as well as one of a number of beautiful rewards | See www.peoplefund.it/loaf-magazine for full details and watch the video below for a little more insight…


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