MoMA | Unadulterated | NYC

Looking to shake up the context of art as we know it, independent group Audio Tour Hack recruited a posse of kids to provide their own special commentary for their latest venture, MoMA Unadulterated | The project attempts to change perspectives on the NYC museum’s permanent collection by enlivening the experience with the children’s youthful analysis in an online tour | MoMA Unadulterated is a follow-up to Audio Tour Hack’s previous undertaking Artobots, which re-contextualized John Chamberlain’s show at the Guggenheim as an exhibition on Transformers | This time around, the group takes 30 pieces from the MoMA’s fourth floor, hacking the adult perspective with audio of children offering their precious and often profound take on the likes of Pollock, Lichtenstein and Warhol | The opening day for MoMA Unadulterated this past Saturday looked like some sort of subdued flash mob | A flock of attendees dispersed among the permanent collection, mingling with regular visitors for a completely different experience | Pretension and institution, at least for certain guests, had to give way to the voice and imagination of children aged 3-10 | Watch the trailer below or browse the Audio Tour Hack website to find out more about MoMA Unadulterated | If you’re heading to the MoMA, download the walking tour map as well as the playlist or stream the tour straight from your device on location.


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