bObles | Children’s Tumbling Animals | Denmark

The team at bObles has designed a series of multifunctional children’s furniture focused not only on looks but also on fine tuning motor skills in children | Due to a scarcity of children’s furniture that encourages play, creativity and physical exercise, while at the same time satisfying a preference for good, Danish design, sisters Bolette and Louise Blædel created a group of modern shaped ‘Tumbling Animals’ | The child is able to tumble, roll, balance, seesaw, rock, jump and gain some bodily experience, which can serve as the foundation for further development | Tumbling Animals are based on simple geometrically forms – cut in the shape of animals | The Tumbling animals are suitable as children´s furniture, but are designed for creative play | Produced in a firm foam with a soft surface, very easy to clean under the shower and tested especially for children | Free of any toxin or phthalates | bObles’ furniture is not only striking design objects in bright colours and geometric shapes but, these animals have also been awarded for their ingenuity and even received the stamp of approval by the MOMA in New York as the finest examples of modern Danish design right now | To see the whole collection of Tumbling Animals visit


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