Muju | Ocean Guardians | St. Ives | Cornwall

Fish-scaled sculptures designed to raise environmental awareness | Located in St. Ives in Cornwall, England, Muju World is an artist’s studio run by Mr. and Miss Muju that specializes in mixed media and toy creations | Their latest release is a team of “Ocean Guardians”, five sculptural pieces representing the five oceans: Arctic, Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Southern | The scaled creatures are hand-cast in resin by Miss Muju and painted by hand in aqua gradients by Mr. Muju | Standing at a mere seven inches tall, the delightful figurines help to promote awareness of ocean issues, with £10 from each sale going to the Surfers for Cetaceans Charity | “We aim to produce artworks that generate a positive vibe,” says Mr. Muju | “The concept of these sculptures as modern-day totems, protectors of nature and elemental forces seems to fit with our sense of creative purpose.” | Both Mr. and Miss Muju are avid surfers and dedicated to the environment, the Ocean Guardians a follow-up to an earlier eco-conscious team of Forest Guardians | The Muju Ocean Guardians are available from Muju World for 90.


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