My American Summer | Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is just as easily distracted as he is a talented and obsessive doodler | Fortunately for us, his humorous ruminations recently made their way from his sketchbook to the printed page in a new self-published book called ‘My American Summer’ | This 92-page hardbound zine chronicles his move from Nottingham, England to NYC (via LA) through a cast of colourful cartoons, for a loose autobiography that charms readers with his honest observations and preoccupations – from the time he watched two girls on an airplane wash an apple in a plastic bag, to waiting in line at the post office (aka the place where time goes to die) | Slightly bored with life back home in the UK, he decided to spend a summer stateside | Armed with his sketchbook and pens, Burgerman left the comforts of home in search of an adventure that he hoped would strip him of some unwanted baggage | The upshot is a detailed visual record of his journey told through his signature ‘confused’ drawing style, a manner that perfectly compliments the candidly pensive tale | Transforming his black-and-white drawings into full colour stories, the book is packed with music-filled parties in the park, mad encounters in Brooklyn bars and curious trips to the cinema – where he watches his first film in 3D and eats chocolates left by a previous movie-goer | In the end, he realizes that whether you’re on the moon, in the UK or in the US, ‘your baggage almost always comes with you’ | A delightful sneak peek inside the mind of a true artist, ‘My American Summer’ sells online at for a mere £12 per copy | 92 page hard back book | Pure Munken Rough 150 gsm paper | Made in the UK.


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