Bearycalm | Vinyl Figure

We would like to introduce Bearycalm | Bearycalm is a limited-edition hand-made vinyl toy that has special powers | Unlike other toys, Bearycalm has the power to bring harmony and balance to your life and home. No matter if you’re sad or angry Bearycalm is there for you | This asymmetrical work of art was born from the friction of lead, paper, and two creative minds that live 8,917 miles away from each other | But beware, Bearycalm has some side effects which may include trouble getting angry or sad, lowering stress, and reducing the amount of grey hairs | Award-winning designers and illustrators Bubi Au Yeung, best known for her Treeson character, and Camilo Bejaranoare have collaborated to create this limited-edition hand-made vinyl bear | The project successfully raised its funding goal over at… Congrats!


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