Child’s Own Studio | Kid Commissioned Customised Toys

Be it a bunny or a bear, there’s often at least one special toy that a child clings to for security, without which their world – and their parents’ – might swiftly fall apart | Ours is Ducky Doo Doo and Manky! | Creative mum Wendy Tsao sets out to strengthen that relationship with Child’s Own Studio, which she founded to make custom stuffed plushie toys based on kids’ drawings | “When my son started kindergarten, his school asked for a comfort toy to put in his emergency preparation kit. Instead of sending in one of his favorite stuffed toys or running to the store to buy something, I decided to sew one myself” she explains | “I was thinking of making his favorite animal, but then I saw his self-portrait | He drew it all the time, and it always – more or less – looked the same, with huge eye circles, stick arms and ten long wispy digits | So, I thought, ‘why not?’ | And when I was finished, my son immediately recognized it and was very appreciative” | While each design is different, most toys take Tsao one to two days to complete | In addition to the one-of-a-kind aesthetic, her creations stand out for their range of vibrant materials that help to bring a child’s drawing to life | As Tsao makes her way down the waiting list of monsters, farm animals, princesses and heroes, she has let her own imagination start to wander | “I started embellishing my softie projects on my blog with little stories – maybe it’s my interest in stop-motion movies creeping in,” she says | “This is a new direction that I might pursue further if I have enough time” | Due to volume Child’s Own is currently not taking additional commissions for the wait list, but Tsao recommends similar services in her “Softmaker Showcase” on her website.


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