Hiromatsu Woodworking Co. | WF Series

Hiromatsu Furniture recently teamed up with designer Yu Watanabe to create the WF series of kids furniture | As if designed by a child, the free-form yet simplistic pieces are sure to inspire creativity in the young and old | Yu Watanabe is an 80-year old retired professor of design who agreed to emerge from retirement to create these beautiful pieces for future generations | Made-to-order and fashioned out of all-natural pine, each piece in the collection is unique | At boobosh we can’t get enough of the bunny chairs | Hiromatsu acknowledge that it takes between 100-200 years for a tree to grow to an age appropriate enough to be used for furniture – and that they sometimes use trees that are 500 years old | As harrowing as this may be, they believe that we need to design and build furniture that can be cherished for lifetimes, instead of furniture that is designed to last a couple of years, only to be replaced | The president of the company offers, “Civilization has enriched our lives but it has also battered out souls” | Hiromatsu Furniture believes it is their duty to heal the soul through their designs | Hiromatsu Furniture has an interesting initiative in which they recycle all of their scraps into these wonderfully tactile SONO Beans, profits of which are donated to the Green Belt Movement | Hiromatsu Furniture is based in Okawa City in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, a city steeped in 450 years of woodworking history. Ookawa is Japan’s furniture central with over 1200 furniture companies claiming the land as their home. Hiromatsu stands out of the mix with their diverse and imaginative designs that continue to change and adapt to modern needs | The solid pine Rabbit chairs come in six different colours inc. a natural finish | Dimensions = W30cm D32cm H52.5cm and SH28cm | Perfect for little legs and bums | You can view and order the full WF collection online at hiromatsu.shop-pro.jp

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