Ron English | Fat Tony the Tiger

Earlier this year the king of guerrilla advertising – Mr Ron English – planted a selection of modified cereal boxes on the shelving of an LA grocery store in an effort to illuminate all passersby on the effects of the high sugar contents in cereal | He created modified mascots for the likes of Trix, Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and many more (including Tony the Tiger shown above) were all fattened up and accompanied by messages that would certainly deter most shoppers | After much success with his Trix, Ron is planning on continuing to promote this campaign by releasing approximately 500 limited edition Fat Tony the Tiger figures, with more limited (100 pieces) followup editions in the near future | We aren’t exactly sure when this fat lil guy will be available but we are sure that he will be a great reminder to any kid that Frosted Flakes might not be the most ideal choice for breakfast | Further news about the Fat Tony the Tiger figure and his release date will be announced via soon(ish)…


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