The Obliteration Room Exhibition | Yayoi Kusama | The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia has opened an exhibition that your kids would love | The museum has invited children to take part in the playful works of one of the most significant and influential Japanese artists working today, Yayoi Kusama | Kusama’s art consists of making paintings, sculptures and photographs using dots to cover the entire surface – a process she calls ‘obliteration’ | The artist, who has in the past had success working with children, has decided to get the little ones involved in her exhibition at the GoMA | She has given the visiting children access to a large white room full of white household objects and asked them to ‘obliterate’ the room | Thousands of coloured dot stickers have since been handed out to children and stuck to the walls, piano, table, lamps, etc | The no-longer-white room has now become filled with coloured spots and they aren’t even half way through the exhibition | The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs until March 2012 |


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