Evan Hecox | Stolen Space | London

Evan Hecox is a Colorado-based artist and designer whose work portrays the essence of urban environments | His work depicts city scenes or isolated elements that are almost cinematic in their stark contrast and abstraction | Hecox is fascinated with the complexity of the urban landscape and people from the mundane surroundings that one would normally overlook | Like snapshots or filmstrips, his art captures the everyday existence of the average person as they traverse the detritus of the modern metropolis | His stylistic approach is based on the process of amplification as it affects form and color, breaking down the image, removing elements and emphasizing others | Hecox has exhibited worldwide, including exhibitions in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo | boobosh is a big fan and his recent exhibition at London’s Stolen Space Gallery saw him create works based on buildings and scenes around London and try to ‘offer a glimpse of what London felt like to an outsider’.

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