The Big Bad Wolf & Me | Delphine Perret

In this wholly original, completely irresistible picture book, a little boy comes across the Big Bad Wolf on his way home from school | Far from being the fearful villain in storybooks, this wolf is all washed up and has forgotten how to be scary | The boy takes it as his personal challenge to help the wolf regain his confidence so he can growl and roar with his old flair | He renames the wolf Zorro, lets him sleep in his closet, puts him on a strict diet of chocolate chip cookies and canned salmon-flavoured cat food and reminds him how to roar and make really scary faces in the mirror | The result is not only a completely rehabilitated Big Bad Wolf, but also a wonderful friendship that no reader will forget | The story is told in twelve very brief chapters, each one a series of pen-and-ink comic-book-style vignettes; simple, whimsical and incredibly expressive | Delphine Perret was born in 1980 in France, where she still lives | She shares an art studio with three other illustrators and has so far created six quirky books for young readers | This book is a great for children and adults alike | Available from


One thought on “The Big Bad Wolf & Me | Delphine Perret

  1. Thanks for spotlighting what appears to be a terrific kids’ book, one that I’ll be adding to my list. Always looking for something good for nieces and nephews.

    This is the literary blogosphere at its best: helping identify fine offerings, separating the wheat from the chaff. Keep up the good work…

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