Bit Bike

Bit Bike is the ultimate machine to help children take their first steps in the world of two wheels, run on their own and develop their balance, coordination and psychomotor skills | Bit Bike is a futuristic design and a timeless creation | Clean lines and vibrant colours convey the elegance and simplicity of beautiful, organic things | Bit Bike features wide wheels to help keep balance and stability | Innovative handlebars integrated into the chassis itself boast an ergonomic, anthropometric design to help ensure a good driving position | Bit Bike is also designed for grown ups as the handlebars become a convenient carrying handle and also a practical hanger in small spaces | It comes in a practical carrying bag to take whatever you want | boobosh loves the futuristic “Tron” like design, innovative ergonomic handlebars that protect the rider’s spine and a molded plywood structure that prevent friction | The award-winning Bit Bike is easy to clean and maintain, is compact and portable and is ready to roll | Available online at


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