Pizzly Bears | Masahiro Minnami Design

The Pizzly rocking bears by Masahiro Minnami Design are a testament of our current global situation | More and more parents are starting to realize the importance of teaching children about our impact on the world and the frailty of its animals and ecosystems | Designer Masahiro Minnami has decided to do so by depicting a polar bear and a grizzly bear on ice, instead of the classic horse, on his daughters rocking toy | Why, you ask? Supposedly, grizzly bears, who are escaping North to beat the heat, have been caught breeding with polar bears that are avoiding the ice melt in the North Pole | This new species, first discovered in 2006, has been named the Pizzly bear | Although most would typically be saddened by this sad state of environmental affairs, Minnami used it as inspiration in his work | Take a closer look at masahiro-minami.com to see more of his creations.

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