Stormie Mills

Since launching his career as a visual artist 25 years ago Stormie Mills has carved a distinctive niche for his work that has seen him showcased internationally to critical acclaim | Stormie’s work is an emotional expression of the beauty found within decay, captured within the layers of his paintings | Along with success at his solo shows across Australia, Stormie Mills has crossed many geographic boundaries with representation in Barcelona, Berlin, Greece, London, Los Angeles, New York & Miami | He has been a guest speaker at the London Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2004 & worked on many private commissions & collaborations including the production of limited edition toys, bags and clothing | Stormie Mills has established a strong following for his unique statements on life, his imagery highlights the strength needed to continue onward in the face of adversity shining the spotlight on the superhero in all of us | Using everything from street walls to hundred dollar bills and dresser drawers | Characters, rendered predominantly in greyscale, evoke a sense of loneliness and isolation, portraying the age-old themes of quests for identity | His street art-style paintings, well-received by critics and collectors alike, have been commissioned for the creation of murals across Greece for the Athens Olympics and featured at Miami Art Basel |


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