Unbeleafable | A Girl Skateboards 3D Film

3D version on Vimeo:

or we have the 2D version on YouTube:

and a nice little making of:

Levi’s Presents in Association with Filmakers Entertainment and The Astrinauts Guild – 

Unbeleafable – 
A Girl Skateboards 3D Film
 | Directed by
 Ty Evans | 

 Martino Properzi & Federico Vitetta

 | 3D Supervisor/Producer
 Roham Rahmanian | Executive Producers 
Megan Baltimore, Mike Carroll, 
Rick Howard, 
Spike Jonze, Kris Kowal & Jonathan Wells | 

Director of Photography 
Marc Ritzema | 
Production Designer 
Katie Byron
Edited by
 Ty Evans | 

Music from an 
Original Score by M83 | 

Vincent Alvarez, 
Brian Anderson, 
Kenny Anderson, Elijah Berle, Chico Brenes, 
Justin Eldridge, 
Cory Kennedy
, Eric Koston
, Stevie Perez, Chris Roberts, 
Raven Tershy & 
Jeron Wilson | Didn’t think they could better ‘Yeah Right!’ but this looks pretty impressive stuff… | www.girlskateboards.com


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