Blu | Megunica | Lorenzo Fonda

For 30 days only are exclusively showing a complete stream of Lorenzo Fonda’s video documentary about one of the most important artists of our times | Megunica is the story of Blu’s incredible journey through South America | Lorenzo Fonda started work with the skaters in his LA neighbourhood and moved on to creating material for Warp Films | Blu is maybe the biggest street artist in the world right now, famous for his enormous (and illegal…) drawings on the walls of Bologna | He has just painted the tower of Tate Modern in London and he stormed the Internet with his epic animation named Muto, one of the biggest events in YouTube history | Megunica is the story of their meeting and their travels through South America – Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Argentina | It’s a unique documentary film about the incredible journey of one of the most interesting and mysterious artist of our times, directed by a true raw talent, mixing together different media, graphics, animation, and digital effects | Trust boobosh, it is excellent…


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