Fugazi | Live Archive

In a recent interview with Approaching Oblivion, the legend that is Ian Mackaye revealed the status of a website that’ll serve as a database for Fugazi live shows | “We had to digitize every show, they are on cassette and DAT (digital audio tape) for the most part. So we got that stuff done. Now we’re in the process of mastering all the shows so they play at the same volume. That stage is not too hard, it’s pretty mechanical, there’s a mastering program that does most of the work. Then we have to edit the shows which means we have to put in index points in-between every song so they are not these two-hour-long files… We’re hoping it will be up in the near future. The idea at the moment is to start it with 100 shows. Then put 20 more on every month or something. We’re still building the site, it’s an interesting and complicated process.” | boobosh can’t wait, but in the meantime we’ll just have to check out a little blast of ‘Waiting Room live in Helsinki from 2000…


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