Supreme x Robert Longo

In the latest artist collab, Supreme has got together with painter Robert Longo on a series of three skate decks | Robert Longo is an American painter and sculptor born in Brooklyn, New York in 1953 | Longo developed an early fascination with all forms of mass media, especially movies, television, magazines, and comic books which continue to influence his art | Robert Longo’s works are filled with deep emotions that are both primitive and at the same time self-conscious | Having studied sculpture, Longo uses graphite like clay, molding it to create images with layered, chiseled lines, that are at once photographic and sculpturesque | One of the quintessential artists of the 1980’s, Longo’s “Men in the Cities” series portrays a group of sharply dressed businessmen writhing in contorted agony | The artist has been the subject of major retrospectives and exhibitions all over the world, and is considered one of the most significant living artists of our time | Supreme will release a series of three limited edition skateboard decks designed by Robert Longo online and in-store on April 7th and in Japan on April 9th |

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