Margaret Kilgallen

“I think when I have explained graffiti to my parents and compared it to the barrage of images we see every day, especially advertising, and how on billboards or corner stores or anywhere – it’s absolutely everywhere – and yet it doesn’t bother anybody. We completely block it out as if we don’t see it, but for some reason we don’t think of it as garbage… the public looks at graffiti and sees garbage and ugliness, and I always wonder why they don’t look at the billboards, especially around San Francisco. There’s millions of them… Why isn’t that garbage? That’s like mind garbage. It’s like commercials on TV, and yet nobody ever questions that. That is so a part of their view of the world every single day. And when I explained that to my parents, they began to understand why other people might want to put their own visuals in their own neighborhood.” Margaret Kilgallen 1967 – 2001


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