Havana Club | Inspired Ingenuity Project

Rum brand Havana Club is challenging people to take everyday objects and turn them into something new, such as a pair of speakers made from Nike trainers (pictured), tin can headphones and an ad-hoc picnic table | Taking the theme Inspired Ingenuity, the project is supposedly inspired by the people of Cuba who, in the face of the US-imposed blockade on their country have to make a virtue of repurposing and recycling, creating what they need from the scarce resources available | Sneaker customiser Nash responsed to the brief by transforming a pair of all-white Nike Air Force 1’s into a fully functional set of ‘Sneaker Speakers’… Genius! | The competition is taking place over the first six months of 2011, challenging artists, musicians and other creative talents’to ‘take the everyday and turn it into something special’ | A winner will be picked each month, and the final winner will win a trip to Cuba | If you fancy having a go, visit the Havana Club Facebook page.

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