Created in September 2010, we.make.do. offers ‘A little something for the boys’ | Aesthetically aimed at providing comfort driven bodies with playful and even thought provoking artwork, this collection is for the child in all of us, ranging from two to ten years old | Their charity line ‘Save It For Me’ is a collection of shirts that speak out about the indecencies against our planet, as well as the cruelties that happen to our animal friends | It all began when they told their children stories about people cutting trees down, oil spills and the depletion of marine life and how all of this can affect us and the world around us | They were so concerned that they began to draw pictures with signs that would say ‘stop cutting trees’ or ‘no thanks (to oil spills)’ | They also drew pictures of all the ocean friends that they wanted to save and send money to in order to help them | Whales are one of our children’s many passions, and when they are old enough to have children, we hope that they will still be around | With the profits of these shirts, we.make.do will donate a percentage to Save The Whales, a West Coast based charity whose purpose is to educate children and adults about marine mammals, their environment and their preservation. With these simple shirts, they hope to make a difference | babyladyinc.com


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