The Modern Art of Conversation | Geoff McFetridge

The Design Event North East 2010 is currently running until October 31st 2010 in boobosh’s home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne | With over 30 events, exhibitions, talks and tours spanning this 11 day event | The Modern Art of Conversation is one of the programs this year featuring the work of 10 leading contemporary designers from across a range of disciplines | This is boobosh inspiration Geoff McFetridge’s piece, entitled What we talk about when we talk about love | The word love is used to describe feelings that are extremely broad. The word love is used to describe our relationship with banal objects or things, and also to describe how we feel about the most important people in our lives. In definition love would seem to occupy the farthest territory of emotion, sharing space with the word hate. Yet we cannot help ourselves to use it on a daily basis. We do not keep it in the cupboard with the fine china and silver, we use it every day. Despite our casual use of it the power of the word is not diminished. Everybody wants love in their life.  We will never know how our love compares to the love of others, or if the depths of our love are as deep as the depths of those around us, but we do share the word. It is the word that connects us | Visit to find out more about what’s going on…


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