Hugh Holland | Locals Only Exhibition & Book | M+B, Los Angeles, California

Using color negative movie film, Hugh Holland captured a generation of Southern California boys, drawn together through skateboarding and coming of age during the mid 70s | On one hand, Holland effectively documents early skate culture – the introduction of the urethane wheel and a drought which drained many home pools effectively boosted the sports popularity | However, Holland’s photographs are less interested in the scene as a whole than the individual actors | His shots are intimate, focused on moments of anticipation and waiting | From suburban backyard haunts to the asphalt streets that connected them, this was the place that created the legendary Dogtown and Z-Boys skateboarders. With their requisite bleached blonde hair, headbands, tube socks and Vans, these young outsiders are masterfully captured against a sometimes harsh but always sunny Southern California landscape | The images are collected in an exhibition, Locals Only, on view from December 4, 2010 at M+B Gallery, 612 North Almont Drive, Los Angeles, California 90069 | In addition, a monograph of the same name has also been published by AMMO Books.


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