eBay | Inside the box | Re-usable Shipping Box

eBay has launched launched their re-usable shipping box with space inside for sellers to leave messages for their shipment’s recipient | The online trading network must be responsible for a significant proportion of the world’s Jiffy Bag and parcel tape sales, so it makes sense for it to get involved in finding a greener alternative, particularly if that alternative is also a marketing vehicle for the brand and very swish looking to boot | Inside the box, which was designed by San Francisco studio Office, white spaces are left for shippers to write messages to recipients and as the box is re-used, these spaces will tell the story of its various journeys | There are also printed pointers on ways to re-use materials such as old phone books for packing and the boxes are designed to minimise the use of tape | The idea for the box came out of eBay’s Innovation Expo, which it holds each spring as a forum for employees to develop prototypes for new products and ‘breakthrough innovations’ | The box is made from recycled, FSC-approved cardboard, was launched at the company’s On Location event in San Jose last week | eBay will manufacture 100,000 in three sizes as a pilot programme and to get hold of the boxes, users must sign up with the eBay Green Team | http://www.ebaygreenteam.com/ | Good timing this little innovation as boobosh® have been ‘thinking packaging’


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